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ZheJiang Electric Power Special Industry Shoes General Factory was created by AnJi Electric Power Supply Burea in 1993, it¡¯s a variety business enterprise. The construction area is over 10,000 square meters. It¡¯s the sentinel manufacturer of labour protection products by original China Electry Ministry, and we have achieved the licenses of sentinel munufacturer of labor protection products issued by the State Economic and Trade Commission. Our products are indentified bu the State Power Company security apparatus Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Zhejiang Province Labor Insurance, and produced by the former Ministry of the Central Division. Our TianTe brand insulation and rubber shoes, clothing series have passed The ISO 9002 international quality system certification. The enterprise is located in the beautiful China Bamboo Home AnJi County in ZheJiang Province, The largest pumped storage station in Aisa was built in the county.

We have powerful strength of funds and excellent design and production technology, and have a strong sense of responsibility and innovating. We mainly produce insulation, oil shoes and labor insurance collections. To better satisfy customers¡¯ requirments,we have developped polyurethane labour protection shoes, insulation and oil dumping shoes. Mainly including climbing work shoes, fashion shoes, sandals, cotton shoes, trainers¡¯ shoes, anti-acid and anti-static base shoes,room skin slippers, anti-smashing and anti-puncture shoes.Clothes mainly including high class to low class full cotton series for eash seasons, easy-care shirts, whole wool suit, flame-retardant, anti-static and anti-acid-base, anti-microwave, working raincoat, cotton overalls for raining and sunny days, sheepskin jackets, leather gloves, and so on,It has formed a variety series, fashion styles, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, safe and reliable. And there are more than 20 kinds of products have national patents. It is an ideal set of special functions of civilian and security supplies. It has been identified sentinel network recommend specific products or products by the North China Power Group Corporation, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangxi, Hunan, Hainan, Shanxi, Guangdong and other provinces, and been authorized of the labor protection for the power system supplies designated manufacturers in electricity system for the Telecommunications bureaues of Zhejiang Province, Jiangsu Province and Anhui Province. It can meet the inquiries of electricity, telecommunications, petrochemical and other industries. It¡¯s fashionable, well made and durable, We can supply 300,000 pairs of labor insurance shoes, and 100,000 sets of clothing, our products are well sold to more than 20 provinces and municipalities, and they¡¯re warmly welcomed by the majority of workers inside and outside the system.

We always upholding the principle of "pursuit of quality, innovative and dynamic", "each pair of each, safety and reliable," If you are satisfied with our products please tell your friends, if not, please tell us.

ZheJiang Electric Power Special Industry Shoes General Factory warmly welcome friends new or old visit to us, warmly welcome your cooperation with us, you will be satisfied with our good quality and first-class service.


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